Treblle for Lumen

Learn how to get started with Treblle using our lumen package in less than 2 minutes on any new or existing API

Step 1

Install Treblle via Composer

Run command

composer require treblle/treblle-lumen

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Step 2

Load Treblle config

Copy package config files

mkdir -p config cp vendor/treblle/treblle-lumen/config/treblle.php config/treblle.php

Edit bootstrap/app.php

| Register Config Files
| Now we will register the "app" configuration file. If the file exists in
| your configuration directory it will be loaded; otherwise, we'll load
| the default version. You may register other files below as needed.
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Step 3

Register Treblle middleware

Edit bootstrap/app.php

| Register Middleware
| Next, we will register the middleware with the application. These can
| be global middleware that run before and after each request into a
| route or middleware that'll be assigned to some specific routes.
'treblle' => Treblle\Middlewares\TreblleMiddleware::class
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Step 4

Configure Treblle

Edit .env

// Add this to your .env file

HEADS UP: You need to create an account to get your API KEY and PROJECT ID

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Step 5

Enable Treblle on your API

Edit routes/web.php

$router->group(['prefix' => 'api', 'middleware' => 'treblle'], function () use ($router) {
$router->get('users', ['uses' => '[email protected]']);
$router->post('users', ['uses' => '[email protected]']);
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🎉 You're all set! 🎉

You and your team just got these amazing features:

  • Real-time API monitoring
  • Auto-generated API documenation
  • API analytics
  • Powerfull request search and filtering
  • 1-click API testing
  • Real-time problem detection
  • OpenAPI Specification support
  • Location based request tracking
  • Smart URL parameters detection
  • and many more..

Configuration params

Disable monitoring on specific environments

// Add this to your .env file

Define the Laravel environments you want Treblle to ignore

Mask sensitive data

return [
// other config params...
// Edit masked_fields array in config/treblle.php
'masked_fields' => [

PRO TIP: Data is masked before it even leaves your server

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