A(P)I Assistant

Meet Alfred, our AI-powered assistant. He generates integrations, tests, or SDKs in any language by understanding and continuously learning about your API docs.

An AI butler that upgrades developer life quality.

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Explore. Integrate. Generate.

Alfred can understand your API docs instantly. Improve time to first integration (TTFI) on your API from days to seconds.
AI-powered code generation
Intelligent code suggestions
Code quality enhancement
OpenAPI spec assistant
Test cases
Automated integration assistance
Seamless API integration
API documentation assistance
Time to first call
Ask Alfred anything about your API
Code optimization support
Effortless code collaboration
SDK generation
Time to first integration
Understand your API instantly

Automated API Integrations

Generate integration code and SDKs in any language based on your API documentation.

Explore your API documentation using natural language and understanding.

Speed up your TTFI significantly (Time to first integration).

Ask for what you need

Upgraded Developer Experience

Get real code examples for API integration and skip reading the docs.

Eliminate boring and repetitive tasks like model generation, tests, mocks, and schema validation.

Get step-by-step guidance while integrating the API based on the actual documentation.

Boost Your API Development

DocDriven Development for Better APIs

Get suggestions based on industry standards and best practices for your API specifically.

Document APIs better with automatically generated content based on your docs.

Assess the security of your API and get concrete suggestions from our AI assistant.

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