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Attracting Talent With API-based Tech

In todays' Treblle API Talks edition we bring you a discussion with Wonderkind, a company that built a talent attraction technology.

"Once I got introduced to Treblle, I totally got it because in the past I built something similar but not as nice. But, at least we built a tool to look into the real-time API logs that were triggered by entering the customer ID."

Melvin Rook





Human Resources


51 - 100


Wonderkind is a company that built a Talent Attraction Technology, that automates your social media campaigns making job-seekers flock to you. Designed for companies in the Recruitment and Staffing industry to effectively attract the most relevant candidates at scale. The process of setting up campaigns in Wonderkind is super easy. You can set up templates for ads that you use commonly, set up the campaigns in minutes and distribute them across all networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google and Linkedin.

Mission Critical Priority

Wonderkind is at a stage where they are accelerating growth, so its all about scaling the team. It’s about development capabilities, education and leveling up their tech KPIs. Their internal process at Wonderkind is set up in a way that frontend devs communicate with backend devs who then communicate with other services and/or databases. All of this needs to go as smoothly as possible in order to get to those tech KPIs.

How We Helped

Main goals of the Wonderkind team when using Treblle were:

  • Onboard new people with decent set of docs instead of diving into each project
  • Look at the quality of APIs in terms of performance and issues
  • Stay happy as they don’t need to build an API observability and management platform by themselves

In terms of the onboarding process which is of a high importance since there are plans to increase the number of team members. Instead of spending hours on going through the documentation with each new colleague who joins the company, Melvin (the CTO) mentioned that he needs to do only two things.

The first one is to introduce new people to the projects they’ll be working on, and the other one is to give them the login credentials for Treblle where they can easily go through the docs and get themselves familiar with the things done so far.

Treblle Impact

Instant access to API analytics significantly cut time spent on API performance issues.

Onboarding time for new developers cut by 40% because API docs stay automatically updated.

Friction between Frontend and Backend team significantly reduced beacuse Treblle provided a single source of truth for the entire team.

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