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Building a Big Software Development Agency With API Observability

This is why you need API observability as developer agency. Learn how to scale with your business with a tool like Treblle.

"In the testing phase, we saw that the app took a lot of time to load and was seriously too slow. Without Treblle, this means we have to go into research mode. Treblle makes it easy to spot slowdowns and pinpoint why this is happening."

Mario Kovač





Software Development


101 - 500


Cinnamon agency is a software development company that consists of an international team of 100+ innovators working with clients in 20 different countries and across countless industries. Their work is used by more than 60M people worldwide. Cinnamon has a uniquely individual approach to every project where you can simply just have an idea. They will organize a workshop with their designers and developers to figure out how to build a product from and then give you an estimate on the price and time needed to finish the project for your idea.

Mission Critical Priority

APIs are something they work with on medium-sized and especially big projects. Most of them are commercial projects, so software that is aimed at a large global audience. There are also some fintech projects as well as some smaller but interesting projects like digitalizing the cockpits of older small planes (Cessna planes from the 60s). All of those use APIs and it is of utmost importance that those APIs are bult optimally and when a problem does occur, it is very important for an agency to locate it and deal with it fast.

How We Helped

API observability was an essential need for the Cinnamon team to be able to figure out what went wrong. Without Treblle, it means they have to go into research mode. They even tried using AWS logs at one point, but it didn't really tell them much. They would spend a lot of time on just locating the endpoints that were set up as they were supposed to be and then those that are not, that was let's say over-engineered. With Treblle that detects endpoints automatically and auto-generates API docs all of this became a breeze instead of it becoming a serious pull on the companies resources.

Treblle Impact

Significant time and resources saved when dealing with API problems.

Increased efficiency across all teams, enabling faster development.

API observabilty ensured all new APIs are optimized from the start.

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