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Driving Innovation in the Global Consumer Travel Agency

Find out how Treblle helps COPILOT TRAVEL leverage APIs to drive innovation in the global consumer travel industry.

"I think people still use many different monitoring services in tandem, and they could simplify this by implementing an integrated solution with Treblle."

Gary Somerhalder

Founder and CTO







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COPILOT TRAVEL in a sentence: Integrated technology to seamlessly connect travel suppliers, merchants and consumers at scale across any platform. The idea behind is to be "Twilio for travel" giving developers the ability to build the next generation of travel experiences. The other idea behind it is "Stripe for Travel" where if you are a merchant and want an embedded travel experience you drop in CTs integrated travel booking experience to power travel bookings in seconds. It is a simple solution where with a single line of JavaScript you get a fully integrated travel booking experience. COPILOT TRAVEL employs an international team of 20+ developers that have developed an engine powered by their patent pending proprietary travel cloud infrastructure.

Mission Critical Priority

Except for the obvious need for growth, COPILOT TRAVEL needs to be able to grow at a sustainable and scalable rate. That means they need to be in control of their API and the information they are requesting from many other big databases and their APIs (i.e. Amadeus). The seamless customer experience is something that is 2-fold in the case of COPILOT TRAVEL. They at the same time need to ensure that developers have a great developer experience when integrating the solution, and then the end-user AKA customers that are actually buying the travel packages need to have a nice and simple booking experience.

How We Helped

Before Treblle dealing with big databases was becoming a nightmare of endless tickets where the provider always needs an additional bit of information.

What were the parameters of the request, what were the headers, when did it happen, and so on. Treblle is a lightweifht SDK that sits on top of your API and in a way "listens and watches", takes that information, enriches it and presents it to you in an easy-to-understand dashboard. The observability feature gives all the information you need when dealing with these kind of issues. You instantly have all the information a provider could possibly ask you for and there's an additional feature that helped COPILOT TRAVEL in particular and that is the "Share Request" feature. Essentially you are giving your provider a "frozen picture in time" for that particular request.

Treblle Impact

Time spend on searching for problematic requests cut down to virtually zero.

Time to ticket resolution cut down in some cases nearly 100% because of the instant access to data.

Sharable request data made communicating with providers much more fast and transparent.

Treblle native iPhone app made it easier to keep track of things that are happening on the go.

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