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Ensuring the Fast Flow of Accurate Data in the Property Industry

Another Treblle use case. This time we talked with, an up-and-coming startup from the UK, working in the property industry.

"...out of all the people, out of all the devs, I find Treblle the most useful. Because I am not technical. Just when you get to see what APIs are being called and when, and what the responses are, the fact that you get to see this live is quite interesting."

Annarrah Gordon

Product Manager




Property Industry


11 - 50


Checkboard is an up-and-coming startup from the UK, working in the property industry. Simply put, when a transaction between a seller and buyer happens, everyone included in the transaction needs to go through a check. Before, this was all very manual. Checkboard created an app with which you can complete all the necessary steps in 5-10 minutes. This of course saves a lot of admin time, and not only that, it makes the whole verification a lot more accurate.

Mission Critical Priority

The two keywords for Checkboard are speed and accuracy. Currently, they are exclusively an app for iOS and Android, with plans to go into having a web app as well. Using phone apps means you need to be fast, and the property business demands accuracy. Accessing other APIs for the data Checkboard needs to display might be an issue from time to time, since not all third-party APIs are built for speed. However, even if a check takes 10 minutes, this is significantly faster then when everything was done manually.

How We Helped

The product manager focuses on testing, but more on the technical side. She has to go deep into getting an understanding of what has actually gone wrong.

The Checkboard team, as any team, uses predetermined scenarios to make those tests. But when the app gets used, users tend to find other scenarios. That is ehen they need to know how that actually happened.

With Treblle they were able to actually follow how that user has got from A to B.

"We give the users unique codes, so every API has that code in it, we just search it, and then we can see: ‘OK, all these users have gone through. This user has clicked this button, they called this and this API.’It really really helps.”

Treblle Impact

Time spent on discovering how the API is being consumed significantly reduced through API analytics.

Discovering errors in data payloads is now instant instead of never found or by unreliable customer feedback

No time spent on setting up tests. Not needed since Treblle catches all of the traffic in real time and shows it enriched with more than 40 data points.

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