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How Treblle Helps Junior Backend Developers Learn APIs Faster

Onboarding new developers to your tech stack can take a lot of time. Watch Treblle cut that time significantly, no matter what level of developer you're onboarding.

"Getting onboarded as a new engineer has its own challenges. The team already knows the ins and outs of their API. Being able to see the request body that I sent, and seeing how a proper request body should look, with previous successful post requests, that’s where Treblle really excelled at for me."

Rafid Karim

Software Engineer


Quadrant 2


Software Development


11 - 50


Onboarding new developers to your tech stack can take a lot of time for any tech company. The same goes for QUadrant2 which is in the app development business. They were kind enough to lend us Rafid, a fresh out of college junior backend developer for a talk. Learning at college and suing that knowledge in the real world are two different things, as Rafid discovered for himself while working on apps like "I'm getting arrested" and "Jotto".

Mission Critical Priority

Backend can definitely be a very hard thing to learn. Many young developers struggle with it. Working with APIs immediately can be very rewarding if you have the opportunity. The mission for Rafid was to work with Jotto and I'm Getting Arrested and learn as much as you can. What he had to do is understand it and actually learn how to use it without any experience with APIs prior to that at all.

How We Helped

At first, it was hard. He tried to understand the API by going through GitHub code files and such. Essentially, he was shooting in the dark. He had no idea if my API calls are actually working. That's where Treblle came in, since Quadrant2 uses it in their tech stack. With Treblle he could suddenly see the actual documentation and in real time. The enriched data like the location data, from what kind of device I’m sending, when did I send it, the time, the date was also of immense help to him. He had zero experience with Treblle prior to that but he immediately knew where everywhere was.

Treblle Impact

Quadrant2 can onboard junior developers faster than ever.

Junior Developers can use Treblle to observe and see exactly what the result of their actions are in real-time.

Q2 can cut the time spent mentoring junior developers and onboard them faster

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