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Improving Developer Experience in the Travel Industry

We talked to one of the biggest internal flights providers in Pakistan about their API and how Treblle helps them.

"So in the past, we had used different things. We used Postman, we’ve used Swagger. The problem that we kept running into, which Treblle solves, is that they would get out of date pretty fast. And having different variations, examples, all that stuff."

Mashhood Rastgar








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Sastaticket is a website where you can book a flight, a bus, or a hotel and for the past several months, they’ve been using Treblle to help them out. They are one of the biggest providers in their country for local travel. In a country od over 230M people, that is quite an achievement. The company has been around since 2016., and was focused on internal flights in Pakistan. Sastaticket is a sister company to an already quite well-established b2b travel company, and this is them expanding into the b2c market. They are doing quite well, occupying a market share of 23 - 25% of all domestic flights sold in Pakistan.

Mission Critical Priority

You can imagine that there are a lot of API calls going on here, especially when we know thatt they provide not only flight tickets but bookings to hotels and bus tickets as well. Sastaticket has its own API of course, and it is essential for them to have the ability to see what is happening at all times. They also pull from other APIs, and others pull from theirs so there’s a lot of traffic going on. The Sastaticket team does everything with a Python framework called Django (Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design). They need something that can handle their load as well as show them what is happening at all times.

How We Helped

The QA teams, Frontend teams, and Backend teams wanted to have a single source of truth where anybody can go and see what they were doing. Previously the team tried using Postman and Swagger. ‍

The problem that they kept running into, which Treblle solves, is that the data from those tools would get out of date pretty fast.

‍One of the more important use cases, is also the abilty to sharine the auto-generated and up-to-date documentation with their affiliates. They have a lot of people using their APIs and with Treblle they can give the a top-notch user expirience.

Treblle Impact

Significantly reduced friction between QA, Frontend and Backend teams.

Significantly improved developer experience with affilates with always up to date and autogenrated API docs.

Developer hours spent on updating docs reduced to virtually zero

Replaced several tools that provided similar, but fast expiring data

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