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Riding the Wave of Digitalization for World Wide Equestrian Events

In today’s edition of Treblle API Talks we bring you a conversation we had with Alejandro Lancaster-Jones, the General Manager of Equestrian Digital

"By the time I found out about Treblle our problem with DigitalOcean was already fixed. But there was an error that I noticed - PHP money_format function which is now deprecated. So it’s not a big issue, it’s more of a warning but if it weren’t for Treblle I don’t think I ever would have noticed that.”

Alejandro Lancaster-Jones

General Manager


Equestrian Digital







EquestrianDigital helps to simplify, manage and communicate everything around the hie+raw show jumping competitions. Everyone can stay better informed and have a more streamlined experience in all the show stages. Be it online entries, scheduling, checking results, or check-out, everyone knows exactly what’s going on at all times. Before ED, there was virtually nothing because it is such a niche market. Every show had its own solution with using spreadsheets, a 3rd party solution for the back office, another one for streaming and so on. ED simplified a lot of that and ended up even being used for the Olympics. At the moment the ED software is being used Canada, USA, Mexico, Panama, Salvador, Venezuela, Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia.

Mission Critical Priority

Obviously, people using the website or the app need to get the correct data about competitions, competitors as well as results. There are also fees that are going through Stripe and for some of the shows through to a bank. All of this needs to work quickly and seamlessly providing the best user experience possible. Equestrian Digital is connected to both National Federations and International federations so once a user types the number of the horse, immediately Equestrian Digital gets the information back from the federations. Thankfully, federations have very good and optimized APIs so the flow of information is a breeze.

How We Helped

ED had this big blind spot with what’s going on on our system and it happened a couple of times with DigitalOcean. The communication between the PHP API and the database got super slow. They didn’t learn about it until someone complained about it, but at that point it was just too late. With Treblle they could finally see all the information flowing. In their particular case the need was simple, but crucial - seeing what’s going on, having a look in real-time at the stream of events happening, and Treblle does exactly that.

Treblle Impact

The ED team can finally see the stream of event happening in real-time.

They are never too late to see slowdowns.

Efficency and optimiziation of their API increased exponentially

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