Alfred: AI Assistant
for Modern
Developer Portals

Transform your developer portal by automating manual workflows with Alfred AI as a service. Drive 10x faster API integrations and enhance developer experience by letting AI do the heavy lifting.

How to Get Started With Alfred

Integrating Alfred takes 60 seconds or less. Follow the simple 2-step process and start getting the best out of your developer portal today.

Bring your OpenAPI Spec or install the Treblle SDK

Embed to Your Developer Portal

Alfred can work on any developer portal on the planet with just 2 lines of code


<script src="//"></script>


<div class="getalfred-io" data-api="_YOUR_PROJECT_ID_"></div>
Why Alfred AI

Get The Most Out of Your APIs

API Discovery
Save time on going through all the API docs and simply ask Alfred what you are looking for. See the magic in the video below!
API Integration
Boost your API integration time by using Alfred to generate code and models in seconds instead of spending hours or days.
API Adoption
Alfred helps you easily navigate through all of your APIs, enhancing adoption and developer experience on your developer portal.

Watch Alfred’s AI capabilities in action

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Made for Modern Developer Portals

Find out how Alfred AI can help lift your developer portal experience.