API Security

Keep your APIs safe with automated API Security. Treblle makes 15 security checks on every single API request and gives it one of three threat levels: Low, Medium or High.

React Faster with Treblle's Automated API Security Audits and Alerts!

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Identify Threats. React Instantly. Stay Safe.

Treblle checks every single API request for things like SQL injections, IP reputation, authorization headers and SSL.
API shield
Data security
API authentication
Intrusion prevention
API hardening
Threat detection
Secure gateway
Access monitoring
Access control
Secure APIs
Security audit
API encryption
Token management
API compliance
Get instant alerts

API Security Automation

Get each API request analyzed and given a status: low, medium or high.

Real time results and alerts.

Every single request goes through 15 checks.

Detect Threats Faster

Data Protection & Validation

Ensure that the API properly validates and sanitizes all incoming data.

Prevent SQL injection attacks and ensure quicker response time.

Evaluate the threat potential of your API traffic spikes as they happen.

Maintain a safe setting

Zero-trust Approach

Treblle checks all incoming data and assigns a threat level.

Ensure your API is using an encrypted network connection with SSL.

Know where your traffic is coming from with our automatic IP reputation check.

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Stay alert and keep your API secure.


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